Transfer Trolley

Transfer Trolleys are heavily used in logistics companies, food processing industries, mining & warehousing industries etc. It is very essential in transporting goods from one location of the site to another with ease. Alpha’s transfer trolleys provide ease in handling materials up to 150 Tons.

Some of the key characteristics of our transfer trolleys are as follows:

1) For loads ranging from 5 Tons to 150 Tons

2) Swivel casters allow for easy maneuverability from bay to bay transportation.

3) Two Fixed Casters & two swivel casters.

4) Customization is available to make the trolley semi-autonomous

5) DC motor drive powers the trolley with the option of AC also available.

6) Electric motor brakes

7) Remote-controller or pendant available to control the trolley while walking side by side.

8) Can be programmed to follow a specific path within the specified environment.

9) Easy to steer

10) Steel Decking


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