Jib Cranes

Alpha’s Jib Cranes can be used in an environment where there are space constraints such as a car factory.

  • Our cranes have the ability to rotate fully in clockwise & anti-clockwise directions.
  • This allows workers to easily transport materials from one bay to another without the need to physically transport it which in turn saves valuable time.
  • Several attachments can be fixed on the boom of the jib such as hoists & balances.
  • Our range is up to 10 Tons lifting capacity.
  • We design our own hoists inhouse but can also use other hoists such as Stahl crane hoists if the client desires.
  • We provide two types of Jib Cranes namely:
    • ?Column Mounted Jib Crane: These are mainly used at areas where no support can be provided to the work station. 
    • Wall Mounted Jib Crane: Used in areas where a wall or vertical structure is readily available.
  • ?Electric wire rope hoists or chain hoists can be used depending on the users application.

Product Range

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