Goliath Cranes

Alpha is a diversified manufacturer and a leading player in the Indian overhead crane industry with a wide range of lifting equipment. We have a substantial presence in a number of focused niche markets & the largest service network across India.

Our Goliath cranes are ISO 9001:2015 & CE certified and are one of the safest cranes in the market.

Some of the key features are:



Radiographed butt welded joints ensure defect-free safe rigid structure. The material of construction conforms to IS:2062, IS:961. The bridge design ensures minimum vibrations.



The rope drums are fabricated out of seamless tubes or steel plates conforming IS:2062. Hoist gearbox is helical type & is hardened & profiled ground.



Wheels are driven by highest quality inline or parallel shaft integrated geared brake motors from companies of international repute.



Lever type limit switch for cross travel & long travel motions. Rotary limit switch for hoisting & lowering motions.



Through pendant push buttons, open cabin, enclosed cabin or wireless remote control.



Trolley & crane wheels are straight, double flanged steel wheels on anti-friction roller bearing in special L-type bearing blocks.


Our cranes are design compliant with IS:3177, IS:4137, IS:807 & other international standard like BS & FEM. Our optimum design ensures minimum dead weight, wheel load, headroom & clearances, reducing building costs significantly. 

We only use case hardened & profile ground gears made of low carbon allow steel for improved efficiency, compact size, greater power to weight ratio, low noise & long life. 

Our Goliath cranes use the world’s best geared brake motors for cross travel & long travel.


Product Range

Single Girder

up to 25 tons.



Double Girder

up to 250 tons



Alpha Services has evolved to a dedicated team of 400+ and is well trained to handle the business scenario heading further into the 21st Century.

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