SG 24x30

Mobile Tower Crane 24x30 is an all terrain, self propelled mobile tower crane. A differential lock enables it to get out of tough spots. 24x30 is a self erecting/self folding crane which requires no manual labor work. Operations can be easily executed in a few minutes by a single operator through a remote control pod.

It facilities the operator to position himself in such a way that he can see both picking as well as dumping points for precise load positioning.


Technical specifications for SG 24x30

Maximum Jib length  30m
Maximum height 39m
Tip load 800 Kg
Maximum Load 2000 Kg


  • All motors with variable frequency drive
  • Variable height
  • Remote controlled operations
  • Self-folding & unfolding
  • Additional motor for counterweight

Operation and Maintenance

Alpha ensures prompt, effective and timely sales support to its customers through their well trained and experienced service engineers and technicians. Detailed training is imparted to customer’s operators and technicians for getting optimum performance from the equipment’s procured. Regular service campaigns are held to upgrade the knowledge regarding breakdown and preventive maintenance as well as new introductions.