Mobile Tower Crane

Alpha was one of the first companies in India to introduce Mobile Tower Cranes back in the late 80’s. Our all-terrain, self propelled tower cranes currently come in three models.

1) SP 453 (Tractor Mounted)

2) TC 453

3) SG 24x30

All the three models mentioned above are completely self-folding & self-erecting cranes and do not require any outer source of power.

Key Characteristics:

  • Operations can be easily affected in a few minutes by single operator through a remote control pod.


  • It facilitates the operator to position himself in such a way that he can see both picking as well as dumping points.


  • The crane itself can supply enough power for other site requirements such as lighting, drilling, mixing concrete etc.


  • If there is an external source of power then that can be used to run the crane while simultaneously the generator can be used for other site purposes such as welding etc.


  • Fuel consumption of our crane is very nominal hence making it very economical for the end user.


  • Our cranes have a hydraulic skid steering system with an articulated chassis which in turn gives the crane a very short turning radius thus making it simpler to move around tough spots.


  • Our cranes can be used for a host of applications like basement, excavation, canal lining, pipeline, bridges, housing projects, pier construction, steel yard applications, overhead water tanks etc.


  • There is minimum or no maintenance cost of the crane making it a highly durable product for your site. 

Our cranes can be offered with different attachments:

1) Concrete Bucket: For handling concrete at high altitudes

2) Cage: For bulk materials

3) Fork: For shifting materials such as iron rods, sheets 

4) Halogen Lights: For work at night







Product Range

SP 453

Alpha Services is Self Erecting Mobile Tower Cranes Manufacturers in India. SP-453 is the Self Erecting Crane by Alpha Services. Call @ 91-11-26302647 for SP-453 Self Erecting Cranes.



SG 24-30

Alpha's SG 24-30 is known for energy efficiency, easy installation and low maintenance.



TC - 453

Alpha's TC-453 is an All-Terrain independent self-erecting/folding, mobile tower crane.



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